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make me choose anon asked

bryan cranston or aaron paul

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tf2 drawing tip: instantly improve any picture with demomans presence

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2x09 “4 Days Out”

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Tbh I think we need a tlou sequel that’s about Bill

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Hell yeah my friend was chucking out her tv stand so she said I could have it for free and now it looks cool

Hell yeah my friend was chucking out her tv stand so she said I could have it for free and now it looks cool

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потому что русский мужик

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You're gonna make it.

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gun down bro


gun down bro

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i-am-the-junkie-who-knocks said: His freckles are the most adorable things ever and he has so manyyy ; just think about Walt trying to count them <3

Omg yeah like maybe it’s early in the morning and walt is usually awake before Jesse„ and he has his back to walt so to pass the time he tries to count them under his breath. But jesse is a light sleeper and wakes up to the sound of “thirty-three, thirty-four…” and he shifts to face walt and plant a sloppy kiss to his mouth and say

"What are you doing?"

And walt stares at his shoulders and smiles fondly. He loves every little detail about Jesse, really.


"Dude, are you… Counting my freaking freckles? That’s just weird" But he’s too sleepy to argue so  he curls up  and rests his head on walt’s chest as he hears

"You made me lose count"